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Alright, the problem with being a writer is weddings. Why weddings you say? Well, not just weddings but birthdays, anniversaries, goodbyes, engagements, any event where a group of people are likely, after a fruitless discussion, to turn to the ‘writer’ in the group, hand them a card and instruct them to ‘write something good.’The first time this happened was at a friend’s wedding five years ago. It was a newfound responsibility, an uncomfortable amount of pressure and the champagne had been well and truly broken a little bit too long ago. Despite all of that I’m quite proud of what I wrote that day.

“If life is a series of moments then this is a good one.”

I have no idea if I came up with that or heard it somewhere before. I just googled it and came back with nothing. If it was original back then it sure isn’t now because it’s become my fallback caption for all those situations.

With that in mind…this is one of those good moments. Tyche Books made a New Year’s Day announcement on their website, lots of exciting releases coming up and the back catalogue of books I intend to order is getting longer and longer. But the coolest part for me was the cover reveal. Because it’s mine! I’ve been waiting a long time to see this, it’s been the staple background on my phone and home computer since I first got my hands on it. I’ve been resisting the urge to go around and sneakily change the desktop backgrounds on all my work’s office computers for some time now. I’m not really known for my self-restraint, it’s been a challenge, I do admit.

The front cover

The thing that amazes me most about this cover is the detail, there’s a lot there! Maybe for now I’m one of the only ones who can appreciate that just now but I promise you it’s there. When you read the book (you’re going to, right??) you’ll be doing what I often do. Flipping to the cover art and going, ‘Ah, so that’s what that is!’

James Beveridge (the artist) did a fantastic job here, so you should go check out his other stuff. We’ve never spoken, him and I, all I did was toss a few ideas about what the cover might maybe possibly could potentially look something vaguely like. Which was quite similar to when someone else designed this website actually.

Spoilers. I don’t want to say too much. Actually I do. I want to gush over all the little easter eggs in the artwork. But I won’t. I’ll just say that everything you see there does appear in the book. But you know what you have to do to find out more.

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